Tuesday, June 26, 2007


As much as I LOVE all the rain we've been getting --- I HATE the mosquitos that it brings!!

I liberally sprayed myself with OFF before I went out to mow the other night. My bug spray must have expired or something though.....because I have around 30 bits on my legs and arms. And mosquito bites on me get all red and splotchy. And they itch!!!

Ugggghhhh. Another reason to prefer the winter season.


Heather said...

Maybe you need a different kind of bug spray! With different ingredients.

SG said...

You need some chigger-ex for those bites! i keep it in my house and car. Ask for it at the drugstore or in any pharmacy. It instantly takes the sting, itch and redness out of just about any kind of insect bite. You have to use a spray with "deet" for these rain fed bugs. I feel like I have been bathing in bug spray!