Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hot, tired, stinky, and sweaty

Yep, that's me. After far too long (probably at least a week and a half - though I can't really remember), I mowed my yard tonight. Thankfully, it wasn't too too hot today. But, even at 7:30 pm, it is still pretty warm here in my little corner of the world.

I finally broke down yesterday and bought a weed eater. So, the yard work took about three times as long as usual, because I was putting it together and figuring out how to work it. First order of business - got to get more extension cord. I've asked my first favor of my neighbor also....that next time he edges, if he would edge my driveway to get me a good edge that I might can keep with the weed-eater going forward. I couldn't get it all the way with the weed-eater tonight, though I did make good progress.

Now, I'm off to clean up and crawl into bed.....


Lisa said...

Ugh, I put off doing yardwork as long as possible, especially in 95+ degree weather. Don't wear yourself out!

Paige said...

My first thought was...that is so grown up! I do realize we are the same age, but just thought I would share my thoughts!