Wednesday, May 16, 2007


According to Spirit magazine (on Southwest Airlines), the onion is apparently the state vegetable of Texas. Did anyone else know that we have a state vegetable? Learned that on a flight to my state capitol tonight. Of course I believed Southwest's research department, but I googled it anyway. Lot of other interesting state can read all about them here if you are interested.

Traveling for work....CPE conference. Hopefully the two days of learning will actually be useful and I won't regret the craziness that work became in getting me prepared to be out of the office!

Ran into an old schoolmate in the airport.....Andy was a year ahead of me but we went to school together throughout middle/high school and college. He's a sucessful attorney, married, with a 19 month old baby girl living in Amarillo. I don't think I'd seen him since he graduated and went off to law school. He's in town for CLE --- at the same hotel as me I think. How random!

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Sarah B said...

I did NOT know about the onion! Thanks for sharing :) Yet another reason to like onions now. Hope the time in Austin is productive and worth it.