Saturday, March 17, 2007


Whew.....another Saturday come and gone....and I'm beat....and SORE! Who knew owning a home would be so much work?!

I got up this morning after sleeping in until about 9:00, courtesy of my wonderful eyeshades! (my bedroom is the sunniest room in the house....ugh). I got dressed to work outside, even though I had NO desire to do so. I've just learned that is one task you really shouldn't procrastinate.

I spent a couple of hours pulling stuff out of my gutter grates that fell from the oak tree as it blossomed, raking dried out balls from my sweet gum tree that covered the front yard, trying to pull out dead stuff that I'd killed with Roundup, and last but not least, mowing. I don't think yard work will ever be something I look forward to, but it wasn't too bad today (except for the soreness factor). Of course, it was at most in the 60s this morning.....come summer when it is at least 80 overnight, no amount of yard work will be fun. I also met another neighbor .... from across the street this time .... she was out working in her yard too, and came across to say hello. Of course, I can't remember her name now! But at least we've met.

After I got cleaned up, I went and bought a mattress for my guest room bed. As soon as I get sheets, the official guest room will be open for business. And for the first time in about 5 years, my parents will be able to sleep in the same bed when they come for a visit, as opposed to the twin trundle bed they sleep on now. Hopefully, they'll like the mattress I picked out.

Ran a few more errands, then came home to wait for the delivery guys. Unloaded the dishwasher, unpacked a few more boxes, including the contents of my sewing machine cabinet, remembered how to attach the sewing machine to the cabinet, watched a little TV, and now I'm off to bed!


Wade said...

Hey J,

You're right - yard work is never something you get all pumped up about.

But there are those few times (and I mean few) when you pull up to your house a day or two later and you have to stop and admire.

I've got a Crapemyrtle that I've been pruning into shape the last couple of years and I'm starting to really like the way it looks.

Now the yard itself? Weeds are the tool of the Devil!

Enjoy the nice weather while you can!


Jim said...

Glynn Owen used to say that When he got to heaven, he was going to punch out Adam for making us have to deal with weeds. I wonder if he did??

Lesli said...

WOW! That was a lot to accomplish in one day! I'm sure you were sore. Hope the rest of your weekend went well.