Saturday, March 03, 2007


Whew. What a Saturday!

I woke up with the sunlight about 7:00 this morning - but stayed in bed until about 8:00. Got up - ate a banana and then headed outside. I spent about two hours outside - raking leaves (it would probably have been 3 or 4 big bags full) and mowing/mulching the leaves with the grass and weeds. Filled the bird bath and trimmed some plants. My body is hurting now - will probably hurt more tomorrow - but it is a good feeling to have that done. And now I officially have yard shoes - my tennies were SO dirty when I got done. I've gotta go buy a new pair now!

Came in and talked with my friend Kelly for about an hour on the phone. We've seen each other several times this week, but didn't have focused time just the two of us to talk and really catch up. I ate a quick PB&J sandwich, then cleaned up and ran errands.

After I got home, I decided it was time to hang some things on the walls - so my chiming clock is up, as are three new thimble cases. I unpacked all my thimbles and got them situated also. Feels so good to be getting even closer to being settled!!

Now, I'm gonna sit and watch a little TV before crawling back into my bed.


Lana said...

Always good to get that initial yardwork out of the way (as if I would really know!). The yard always looks so nice and fresh. Glad you got some things hung on the walls, too -- making progress.

Heather said...

Hi Jenny, thank you for linking to Home-ec 101. It's appreciated and we hope you visit in the future.

Happy belated birthday, too.