Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Gun

Since I know many of you will be curious, here's the story behind the gun that is the focal point for the decoration scheme in my guestroom.....

It is a 16 gauge double-barrel shotgun that belonged to Joseph Smith - my great-grandfather. He passed it down to his son, Howard Smith (my granddaddy). When my grandparents moved from their home to assisted living in Abilene, Granddaddy passed down one of his guns to each grandchild. Granddaddy estimated that the gun is about 100 years old (my granddaddy just turned 94 last August)

I was showing it to a policeman friend a few months ago and he was agog at the age and how good of shape it is in. So, I decided that it would be cool to somehow display the gun in my house. Thus began the idea for decorating the guest room.

I've got several photos from my granddaddy of his dad and friends with their guns - even one on a hunting trip (which I can't seem to find to post right now - update: thanks Mom for sending me the picture!!). My great-grandfather is center back in the first photo, and far left in the second - and I'm not exactly sure which one he is in the last photo.


Elaine said...

I love the old photos - neat history!

jennyc said...

Wow! You did a great job on the headboard and I like the paint - it does kind of look "weathered". It was great to catch up with you yesterday! Are those the pictures you are going to frame and put in the guest room? Hope you have a great week!


Lana said...

Your great-grandfather is second from left in the last photo. Looks like he has a cracker in his left hand and his knife with something on the blade in his right.

Wade said...

Whoa! So cool!

It's great to have family history like that! So neat to have his gun!

You've inspired me to find some way to display my great-(times 3, I think)-grandfather's sword he was issued during the Civil War. I've got it in storage.

The room looks great!

Anonymous said...

Notice the dead squirrels in the center of where they are eating. They were squirrel hunting