Sunday, January 14, 2007


I've read several blogs this past week or so regarding so-called "lurkers." The gist was that this is "de-lurking week" and there were opinions on both sides of the fence as to whether it was good, right, preferred, etc to ask our lurking readers to come clean.

Personally I don't care how many of you are out there. Yes, it is fun to find out someone new reads my blog. But ultimately, I write this blog for me. A place for me to put down some of my thoughts and feelings and what is going on in my world. Because I do know some of my readers, that means that I'm kinda vague about some things and never even talk about others. But, I've come to realize that because "what you read is what you get," my meetings with blogfriends in person are instantaneously fun. I love that.

So, lurkers -- if you have any desire to let me know you are reading, please do. If you want to read and remain anonymous, that's fine with me too.


Amy said...

Looks like they're still lurkin. :)

Anonymous said...

I will come clean! I have been lurking for months. I came across your blog after I googled Krista Shoemaker. We went to highschool and church together. I haven't seen her in forever and was looking up so old friends. I have been hooked on blogs ever since and started my own because I of reading yours.
Take care,

Jenni said...

Welcome Keri! So glad I could be an inspiration for you.

Jacinda said...

I read!