Friday, December 08, 2006

That'll teach me..... try new things! I think my Sugar Krisp Chex Mix might be salvageable. But maybe not. My finger is slightly burned and my house definitely smells like smoke. Too bad it's not windy tonight....that would help!

So, I decided to try a new recipe for the party this year......a twist on the classic Chex Mix. A couple of issues:

1) my pan wasn't big enough....made stirring along the way VERY difficult

multi-tasking -- stirring while talking on the phone....not a good idea. tipped the baking sheet that my roaster was sitting on and dumped cereal, pretzels and nuts into the crevices of my bottom oven door

3) moved roaster to top oven -- turned it on.....somehow, managed to burn top layer of Chex Mix -- even though oven had barely been on tonight! Yikes!!!

So, now, both back doors are are blowing full blast.....vent-a-hood is running at full steam and my house is still smoky. Blech.

I scraped off the layer of burnt into the disposal.....we'll see if the remainder is worth saving. May need to do another recipe of the juice to get it all coated -- and split it into a couple of pans. Oh, and another project for tomorrow -- pull out the vacuum cleaner + attachments to suck all the cereal out of the crevices of my oven door!

Is it time to go to bed yet?!?!

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Sarah B said...

Oh Friend - I hope you're laughing about it this morning (like me :) Sorry for your troubles, though! Sarah B