Saturday, December 30, 2006

Parents....and holiday wrap-up

My parents are the greatest. They love to come and visit....and they love to help me do projects! Well, at least they tolerate doing projects. I really appreciate that they will come to my house and work, work, work!

After a very laid back Christmas weekend at home, we made the trek back to my house on Tuesday. Wednesday we started bright and early by cleaning out the attic! The previous owners left a bunch of junk -- some of it might have even been left over from the owner before them because it was buried under blown insulation! There was enough scrap plywood that we were able to "floor" the attic without really having to do that project. So now, I'll be able to put empty boxes up there for storage. Thanks Daddy for enduring the dust and mess in the attic!

After the attic project, we set the bird bath that I inherited from my parents and got it filled with water. I haven't seen any birds playing in the water yet, but come spring it should be fun to watch. A few more little projects and watching the repairman not fix my refrigerator rounded out the day.

Then it was time for Christmas! I had cooked a roast and Heather & Phillip came over for dinner and to open packages. It was so fun -- I got lots of things I asked for -- one of my favorites is a flag that I'll be able to put out front of my house. My other favorite is a footstool that is upholstered from a rug that was in our living room all growing up. When my parents remodeled and recarpeted, they retired the rug (it was wearing very thin in places) and they were able to find several places that could be salvaged for stools.

Thursday we ran some errands -- finally found a bookcase for my living room, yay hooray!!!! -- and saw a move (The Holiday).

After meeting my aunt and uncle for lunch yesterday, and a trip to Home Depot in the rain to buy me a ladder, mom & daddy retired to Heather & Phillip's house for the weekend. We met this afternoon for a movie (The Pursuit of Happyness) and dinner after I bought my first grown-up pair of cowboy boots! Such a fun Christmas present to myself. Trying to break them in before we head to the Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo in a few weeks.

Now the rest of my time off will be spent trying to get my Christmas decorations packed up and enjoy ringing in the new year with my good friend Sarah tomorrow night. I might even watch some football on Monday......

Happy New Year, blogfriends!!

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