Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas Decorating....Snow....and Canton!

Here are some photos of my Christmas decorating, in progress:

Thursday, we had some winter weather -- the forecasters were calling it an "Arctic Blast" -- it did go from the mid-70s on Wed to the mid 30s on Thurs. Rain, sleet, snow - we had it's a few photos of my new backyard....with snow!

I spent today shopping in Canton at First Monday with my good friends Sarah and Sara.....girls - it was great fun. Thanks for helping me carry out my purchases!!


That Girl said...

I like your new pic!

Lana said...

Your table looks a lot like mine right now. At least, I can see the table top in a few places now after working Saturday to put the decorations out. Poor tree only has 3 ornaments so far, though!
Cute invitation! This must be the year for snowmen.