Sunday, November 12, 2006


Why is that I almost always come back tired from a retreat?

This past weekend was our singles retreat at church -- totally planned and executed by folks in our group -- and for the first time in a long, long time, I was able to go and just participate! No planning, no worrying, no constant working. It was wonderful. But I'm still really tired!

We drove up in shifts after work on Friday to Turner Falls near Davis, OK. Visited and played mafia for a while on Friday night. Proved that it was truly not a youth group or college group trip when we were all up and about before 8 am on Saturday! After breakfast, we piled into the back of Brad's truck and drove into the park. Climbed up to some ruins and walked back to see the falls, then headed back to the cabin. We had our first session on missional living -- basically reforming our idea of "evangelism" to just learning how to impact every person that we come in contact with by sharing our lives with them and in turn being able to show the love of God.

After lunch, we all went outside and played a great round of Capture the Flag. I don't think I've played that since a week at camp in middle school! It was so much fun, but my legs are screaming at me today! We came back in and played a few inside games, then had the last session. After a yummy hamburger dinner, we made a campfire, cooked s'mores and worshiped by firelight.

This morning, we cleaned up the cabin and headed back in time to make it for the end of church because one of our friends was getting baptized! It truly was a great weekend!

This afternoon I spent resting a little -- but more straightening and getting ready to host Dinner Club for the first time in my new house tomorrow night!

Now, I'm off to bed......


Sarah B said...

Glad the weekend was fun. So sorry I missed out on all those games :) Hope your dinner goes well Sarah B

jettybetty said...

I always come back from retreats exhausted--could it be that I stay up all night chatting?
I LOVE how ya'll talked about being missional--great stuff!
Hope your dinner club goes well--I know you will have fun hosting it in your new place.

Amy said...

It is ironic how we need to recover from our "retreats". Guess it's all that late nite fun howling at the moon.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jenni!