Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Letting go

I will admit -- Sunday morning sermons don't usually stick with me throughout the week. But the one from this past Sunday has and probably will for a while. Maybe it is just the spot that I'm in right now, but what Scott talked about really hit me.

He started off showing a clip from Finding Nemo where Marlin and Dory are trapped in the whale. The scene is showing Marlin and Dory arguing about letting go -- not letting fear and what-ifs get in the way of possibility. Scott brought it around to us asking, what do we need to let go of in order to have the relationship with God that he desires??

I know that God put dreams and desires in my heart for a reason. I believe that he might even bless me enough to make some of them come true. But I also know that he wants me to rely on Him first and foremost. And I will confess, that is something that I don't do very well. So, I must work to make him first in my life -- and not believe that his love is conditional when things in my life don't work out the way that I plan.

So, no, I'm not letting go of the dreams and wishes. I'm trying to let go of letting those dreams become barriers to my relationship with God.

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Lisa said...

Girl, I am right there with you! I've struggled for years with putting God first and really trusting Him even when things aren't going my way. God IS faithful, even when we are not, and He is working out His perfect plans for our lives. Cling to that promise--He IS coming through for us all!