Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cold weather?

The past few weeks it has gotten pretty chilly at night. So, rather than risk blowing myself and my new house to the moon, I decided it prudent to have a licensed HVAC company come and check my furnace out before I shifted it over for the winter. They came this morning (in the 9-12 appointment slot -- they made it to my house about 10:40) and officially pronounced my heater in good shape and ready to go.

Now it is going to be in the 80s this week..... oh well, maybe winter will come anyway.


Sarah B said...

Still glad you took the safe option. Gas is nothing to play with!! I was just thinking of how thankful I am for my electric everything as the last 3 years of gas was not fun for me (that fear of fire thing). I'd welcome back the cold as well - I was sweating this morning when I went to vote!! Sarah B

Allyson said...

I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't have gotten a chuckle out of this... But the mental picture of you and your house blasting to the moon like a rocketship was just a bit on the funny side! Glad you're safe though, and thanks for the laugh! :)