Sunday, October 22, 2006


Sorry it's been so long since I posted -- another trip last weekend (home for ACU homecoming) and a busy week, and well, it's no excuse, but that's where I've been.

I promise I will post some new house photos soon -- I just still have clutter in a few places for which I need to find a home, then you'll get to see more. Suffice it to say, a month in and I still have boxes to unpack. But, most of those are books, photo albums, etc -- the things that were the first boxes packed!

I've had a handyman at my house most of the last two weeks doing odds and ends -- little things that showed up in the inspection, but all bigger than I could do myself (or at least, was willing to do!). He insulated water pipes under the house, fixed a leaky bathub faucet, repaired and sealed grout in my shower, removed a cabinet above the bathtub in the front bath, repaired/replaced weatherstripping around my doors, installed a couple of locks that required moving the hole in the door, ripped out the old fake garage door and framed for the garage door installers, replaced the door from the garage to the kitchen that I busted in, sealed around my kitchen sink, etc, etc, etc......

I have done a few things myself -- today I replaced the doorknob from the kitchen to garage so that I have a key that works! I also repaired the latch on my fence gate to the back yard so that it could be opened from inside the fence and could be locked. Over the past few weeks I've also installed curtain rods (with mom's help), changed all the light bulbs to more efficient flourescent, installed smoke/carbon monoxide detectors....and so many other little things I can't even remember!

Now I'm off to my small group....then home to relax a bit tonight before another busy week!

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