Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Public Transportation, part two

So, the first few days of riding the train have been really good. The newspaper here puts out a condensed version called "Quick" that they hand out for free at the train station. I can read it through in the time it takes to get to my stop in the morning. Today I even started working the crossword puzzle.

In ther afternoons, I've been reading magazines (catching up, actually). And it has been great - definitely faster and less stressful than driving.....at least until today. I don't know if there was something crazy going on today or if it was just that I was about 30 minutes later leaving work, but it was seriously standing room only - and really no room to stand. We were packed in like sardines. The bad thing about DART is that, unlike subway systems in other major cities, there really aren't good handrails for folks standing in the aisles. Around the doors there are a few, but not nearly enough for the kind of crowd that there was today.

So, yes, it did still only take about 20 minutes. And although it was a fairly uncomfortable 20 minutes, it beats sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic.


Lana said...

I'm glad the DART is working for you so that you can get some down time. Reading the paper and crossword puzzles, to boot!

Jim said...

Good for you. Beats paying for gasoline and adding miles to your car.