Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Locked out.......again

When I moved to Dallas, I had an interesting experience. One weekend shortly after I moved, I went back to Abilene for a visit and to get a few more things. Upon my return, I managed to lock myself out of my apartment on my can read the whole story here. Suffice it to say, it was a stressful evening.

Well, there must just be a thing with me, new houses and locked doors. See, I've been in my new house for about 2 weeks and managed to lock myself and my mom in the garage last night.

I've had a contractor working on re-converting the garage back into a garage from an exercise room. Mom and I were out there looking what needed to be done to rearrange boxes and shelves so that I can start to park my car in my new garage. The door from the house to the garage is a pretty flimsy interior door and, now that the garage is a garage again, I'm going to have David replace it with a steel, insulated door. Thankfully, he hasn't done that yet!

So, you can probably figure out the rest.....the door from the garage to the house was locked and it accidentally got closed behind us. We could get out of the garage since they installed the door and opener yesterday, but the front door was also locked. So, what to do? Well, remember I mentioned it was a pretty flimsy door from the garage to the house...... so I did what anyone would do - I busted the door open. Amazingly it only took about 3 hits with my hip to break out the striker plate and we were back in.

So, I definitely need to find strategic hiding places for keys to help me out in case this drama ever happens again!!


"Snapshot" said...

Hi there! It was great to get to meet you. I wish I could have spent more time talking with you. I think I missed out on a blessing!
Hope to talk soon!

DJG said...

I remember that first story. You do need a hide-a-key...or live like me and never lock your doors!

Angie said...

I really mean it when I say you are so "hip!" Dang, woman! Way to go! I'm sure you made your mama proud!

Sarah B said...

You are too funny. Ah the stories that make life interesting :) Glad it turned out ok. - Sarah

elizabeth said...

I remember the first story too! I locked us out of our new house the week we moved in. Thankfully, I had accidentally left a back door open. Irresponsibility saved the day!

jettybetty said...

O no!
But, I've been there done that, too. My next door neighbor has my key. And sometimes I have to use it.

R Debenport said...

You should audition to be one of those analysts on 24. Remember when Chloe pulled out the machine gun? Watch out Jack Bauer here comes Jenni.

Udge said...

I would say that you also need a better door! It should take just a little more effort than that to get into a house.

Glad that it worked out OK though.