Thursday, September 28, 2006

Public Transportation

I rode the train to work today......left my house about 7:15, caught the 7:24 train and was in my office about 7:45. A few minutes longer than it would have taken me to drive (maybe), but so much more relaxing. The real proof the merits of DART will be shown this afternoon -- it has taken me 30-45 minutes at least to drive home from my office the past few days, in slow traffic on a very crowded freeway. The trip home on the train should be just like the trip in. Even if I don't ride the train every day, since my company will pay for a monthly pass I think it will be totally worth it to ride as much as I can.


Lana said...

Can't wait to hear how the return trip is. I'm glad this morning's ride went well. Anything to avoid I-75 at rush hour! Hope you're totally refreshed when you get home.

DJG said...

Wow you could read and everything. I think that would be cool!

Little Light said...

The only chance I get to read anything is on the subway. It's a great advantage.