Sunday, July 30, 2006

Quick catch up post

Quickly catching up.....
  • spent the last 3 1/2 days with a bunch of ladies from church at a scrapbook retreat -- and I started my FIRST EVER scrapbook! Lots of fun conversation and laughter, but not much sleep, so I'm off to bed shortly. 87 blogs to read when I got home.....whew.
  • Zoe conference registration is now open! Can't wait to see so many of you blog friends there --- we'll have to do another blog-meet this year!


Little Light said...

You appeared in my dream last night along with lots of people from various parts of my life. I was at a retreat and people from work, church and other areas of my life showed up. So now we've met!

That Girl said...

I'll be there. I think there is a Residence Inn back in that little area that we stayed in last year... did you like your place? It was easy to get in and out of.