Sunday, July 23, 2006

Girls Reunion Weekend

Well, this weekend I think I laughed harder than I have in a really long time. My college girlfriends came and camped at my place for our annual girls reunion weekend. This year 5 of 6 made it.... Mollie was in Abilene this past week for camp, but had to head back to New Mexico on Friday so she didn't make it this year -- and we definitely missed her!! Dara lives in California and made a comprehensive Texas trip for family business, her Mary Kay seminar and 15 year high school reunion; Sara came in from Nacogdoches before spending the week at Parkland Hospital doing some training before bringing her nursing students from SFA for clinicals in the fall; Katie came over from Keller and provided us with many yummy cookies to snack on; and Sarah enjoyed a break before packing to move to Denton to start grad school at TWU.

I cooked spaghetti Friday night for dinner and of course we stayed up late telling stories and catching up. We slept in a little on Saturday, made omelets in a bag, then did a little running around and shopping before coming back to crash and just continue to visit, laugh, sing and pray (and stay up waaayyy too late!!). It was precious time with girls that know me better than I sometimes know myself. Their friendships are very special -- it is amazing how God wove our lives together to create the foundation for these relationships -- even after not being in the same room together for more than a year, we just fall back into easy familiarity of deep solid friendship.

Now, off to finish washing sheets and towels. Then, probably an early to bed night....


Conway Life said...

That's so fun, Jenni. I wish my roommates did a girls weekend. So many people do and it's great that you make that a priority. I'll have to kick my roomies into shape and start planning one!!

jettybetty said...

Friends like that are such a blessing--glad you laughed so much!