Sunday, June 11, 2006

Seat Belts

I have several co-workers and friends that do not think it is important to wear their seatbelt. Their excuses are usually "it's uncomfortable" or "I'd rather not be trapped in an accident." My parents made a huge deal out of wearing seatbelts all the time, regardless of front/back seat. When I was first learning to drive, the rule was (when I was driving my friends) that I couldn't put the car in gear until everyone was buckled in. If they didn't want to, then they couldn't ride with me. I still follow that philosophy now, even though I get grief from friends/co-workers.

I just saw a new "Buckle Up" commercial that gave the following stats:

if you have a wreck at 20 mph, without your seatbelt it is like falling from a 2-story building

if you have a wreck at 40 mph, without your seatbelt it is like falling from a 6-story building

if you have a wreck at 60 mph, without your seatbelt it is like falling from a 12-story building

Crazy. So, please, BUCKLE UP!!


Meredith said...

My parents had that same rule in our house. We had a family friend who died because of no seat belt.

Karen said...

I was in a head-on collision when I was 7, back before it became popular (or required) to wear a seatbelt. There were 3 of us in the front seat, all buckled in. I am convinced without the seatbelts, we would not have lived; as it was, my aunt was in ICU for a week or more from her injuries. I was the luckiest (or most blessed)... I only got a broken leg out of the deal.

I'm a believer.

DJG said...

Good advice!

Donna said...

We had the same rule. When I went to take my driving test for my DL, my Dad had said, "Remember, don't put the car in gear if the instructor isn't buckled. You are responsible." Well, wouldn't you know, the instructor wasn't going to wear it. I insisted and he gave me a hard time about it. He kept telling me to put the car in gear - I did everything as slowly as possible and he finally got it on!
Why would you take a chance?

Murray & Jaime said...

I agree! Great reminder! I don't get why you wouldn't want to buckle up!!