Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Little Freaked Out ......

I'm a little freaked out right now, so let me recap the craziness of my life for the past couple of weeks, then I'll explain.

Wed-Fri last week -- Austin for a TSCPA conference..... flew down after work on Wednesday, sat and tried hard to stay awake for two LONG days.....earned 18 CPE hours, though, so it was worthwhile.

Fri evening.....drive to Sugar Land to hang out with my friend Wendy and her husband Weldon. They've moved into a great new house....I saw it pre-remodel back at Labor Day and it was great to see now that they've got it all pretty much done. I even helped Wendy pick out their new couch when I was down last time, and they actually bought it!! So cool. We do lots of nothin when I visit -- we sit a chat, shop, eat, maybe movie, and sleep! It was so nice to just chill.

Sunday afternoon I shifted to a hotel near the Galleria -- where I've been attending another conference this week.

This conference is the KPMG Global Energy conference -- a lot of KPMG folks, plus some finance executives from a lot of the major energy companies -- and a few of us that are KPMG clients, but that are most definitely small potatoes in comparison...... The keynote speaker today at lunch was President George HW Bush. He did a GREAT job -- was very entertaining and seemingly quite normal.

KPMG also does this really cool video the morning of the second day (that would be tomorrow) that has clips of various sessions from day one, as well as quick interview clips from attendees. Here comes the freak-out part -- this afternoon, during our cocktail reception after the last session, they were interviewing participants for inclusion in this video. And, since I was a non-KPMG person, they asked me to be interviewed -- and I SAID YES. What was I thinking?!?! I'm anxious and nervous to see how the crop what I said and how it plays in the context of the video tomorrow. Yikes.

So, I should be back home tomorrow evening, then jet off again on Friday night to New York City with two good friends for a long Memorial Day holiday. I can't wait!!!


That Girl said...

How exciting! I'm sure you did a wonderful job!

Little Light said...

We should talk. But of course, we will.