Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Home Again

Well, I made it home again. The second day of the KPMG conference is always better than the first -- mostly because it is over at 1:30!

I watched the video this morning with a pretty good case of nerves and apprehension. Thankfully, my comments made it to the cutting room floor! No Jenni on the big screen in front of 500+ people! Whew. Dodged that bullet -- probably won't say yes again, if ever asked. It was just too strange.

Now, to unpack, laundry and repack!


DJG said...

Aw shucks! I thought you were going to give us a clip...

Have a good trip

Little Light said...

Too bad. I'm a camera 'ho, so I'm always volunteering to get my picture taken.

In regards to the song, let's just say I guess so.

erinlo said...

Jenni- I didn't know you were a KPMG person- my husband is E & Y- so KPMG is a very bad word in our house.:)!!!