Friday, April 21, 2006

Off to bed

Just a quick note tonight, cause I'm so tired my brain isn't really functioning (and neither are my fingers -- I'm having the hardest time typing!!).

I've been posting lots of little quiz results because I've still been really busy at work and haven't had much else to say. This week was our board meeting week so it made for lots of long days -- so I wasn't real sure about going to church tonight for Craft & Hobby night (our once a month night to drag out all the scrapbooking/crafting stuff and hang out from 6 pm - midnight). BUT I had told Jenny & Kelly that I would be there -- and then today I found out that my friend Heather was planning to come. And I'm so glad that I went! I hadn't seen those girls in a while - I was really missing them -- and I got to hear Heather's fun news that she's pregnant with baby #2!! Henry will be 2 in August, and she's due sometime around the end of November. Yay hooray! So excited for Heather & Chad.

But now, I'm really, really tired. So off to bed. I'll fill you in on the weekend at the end....

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