Wednesday, April 12, 2006


It is just such a great thing to have friends.....

Sunday afternoon I spent with my two really good friends, Kelly & Rhonda. It was such a fun time of Kelly & I helping Rhonda get a handle on the clutter and CHAOS that was in her house and taking all the joy out of her life. We gave her some babysteps and some tools to help her FLY. (Those of you familiar with FlyLady know exactly what I'm talking about.) I talked with Rhonda today and she is soooo on Cloud 9 -- she keeps saying that we completely changed her life. I don't know about that so much, but we did love on her and help her to see that the clutter didn't have to rule her life if she didn't let it!!

Monday night was my weekly dinner club with friends from church. Brad pulled off a pseudo-Passover meal. It was pretty cool.

Tuesday night is my weekly dinner with Martha, her daughters Jill & Jennifer and niece Lana, and me, her "adopted" daughter. Friends -- yes. Family -- definitely!!

Today, I had lunch with my friend (since 5th grade) Jon. We ran into each other at a birthday party a few weeks ago and he initiated a lunch to chat and catch up. He is working towards medical school and looking forward to his wedding in August. Kinda hard to believe that we've known each other for about 20 years!!

Then tonight, I met my friend Jan for dinner. We worked closely together on the New Friends Home Tour the past two years and I just love her to pieces. We hadn't seen each other since New Year's Day.....and that was FAR too long. Definitely need to start planning our next dinner outing.

Now, I'm home. Brought some work home, but left it in the car accidentally (or was it?) and just don't feel like trekking back down stairs and across the parking lot. So, I'm gonna put on my pj's and watch TV, then go to bed.

Ta ta for now (TTFN!!)......

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Amy said...

That sounds like a great week! And yes that flylady will get one whipped into shape!