Sunday, April 02, 2006

Afternoon in the Park

Today was our church annual Easter picnic and egg hunt. After morning services, we all brought our picnic lunches to a park near the church. Families and friends camped out on blankets, picnic tables, and camping chairs eating lunch and enjoying fellowship.

After lunch was over, the egg hunt was on. Now, it really wasn't an egg hunt, per se. It was more like an egg gather. The eggs were "hidden" on the baseball field at the park. For kids under 2, their focus was on the infield -- all other kids got to pick up eggs from the outfield.

Our new children's minister did a great job planning a couple other events......there was a hula hoop contest for the dads, then an egg toss (with real, uncooked eggs!! what a mess). It was so fun to hang out with my church family and enjoy a beautiful April afternoon. The wind was just enough to provide a breeze when the sun was too hot. It was about 85 degrees -- which is actually just on the border of being too hot for me. Sometimes I do wonder why I live in Texas, since I HATE the summer heat.

Now, I'm off to read up on Germany in preparation for our "family meeting" tonight to sketch out the agenda for our vacation this summer.


That Girl said...

You know, Cullman is a German community. Founded by Colonel Cullmann a long time ago... maybe you should come for a visit for more research!

AMankin said...

sounds like fun--Sunday afternoon's are great, there's just nothing like them! Hope Germany is a blast!!

Amy said...

Wow - NYC and Germany! You're quite the world traveler. Sounds awesome!

I love Sunday afternoons like that - can't believe it's already Easter Egg hunting time!

Susie said...

I second the recommendation for Cullman! Come on out! : )

I love the egg tosses. So fun! We used to do those in junior high (or middle school, as it's called now--LOL)