Sunday, March 05, 2006


What a weekend!

Friday, I headed up to my friend Jenny's house in Wylie to hang out with her and my friend Kelly. We were supposed to be spending time being creative/crafty, but I actually brought work to do. Hated to do that, but it was so much better to do it hanging out and visiting with them than doing it at home by myself!

Saturday, I slept in and lounged in bed watching TV until after was wonderful! Then I got out and ran a few errands. Made it back home in time to freshen up to go meet Heather and Phillip for dinner. Here is the first surprise: my parents came to town for the weekend! They showed up after we had been seated at Rockfish and surprised me!

Then we headed back to Heather and Phillip's house. Now, I knew all along that Jenny (and Jack, her husband) and Kelly were supposed to come over for cake. What I didn't know is that they had been planning an elaborate surprise party! So, we walk in through the garage and there were about 15 people waiting inside the house when we got back from dinner! Mom brought my favorite cake from McKay's bakery in Abilene - with my first grade photo on the front. I got lots more fun presents. It was a great evening!

Then Mom & Daddy came back and spent the night with me (thankfully, my house was pretty clean!) and went to church with me this morning. We had a yummy lunch at Freebirds then they headed back to Abilene.

Now, there's just enough time to finish up a couple of things for work (the audit starts tomorrow) and then veg on the couch and watch the Oscars.


That Girl said...

I just LOVE surprises! Especially birthday surprises!

DJG said...

You are having one of those "Terri birthdays" that last a couple of weeks!

I am so glad they were able to surprise you, wish I could have been there to yell too!!

R Debenport said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend Jenni! Happy belated birthday too - sorry I'm a little late - haven't been keeping up w/ all the blogs as much lately.

Heather said...

I'll get pictures to you this weekend!

Lana said...

We had a wonderful time this weekend and it was so much fun to really surprise you! Just don't get used to dragging out every birthday for several weeks.

Brooks Inc. said...

Jenni- I recognized your beautiful smile immediately. When did you graduate from ACU? As soon as I left Abilene I lost all memory of what age/class people were...I still imagine myself as 20...a very old 20 but still! :)

I so hope things are going well for you. After reading this last post- Happy Belated Birthday. I hope this year of life is your best one yet.

Blessings to you this weekend! Thanks for the comment!


Paul said...

If you went to Wylie you probably passed within a mile or so of my school!

You gotta love a well planned surprise party!

Mae said...

Heelllloooo??? Is anybody home?