Saturday, March 25, 2006


Can I just say that I love movies that I love and can watch over and over and over again? This morning it was You've Got Mail (which came out in 1998, by the way, eons ago in the digital age). My good friend Kelly loves YGM even more - she took a trip to New York a few summers ago and traced all the spots in the movie! We have fun starting a quote and sorta testing the other one to see if she can finish it.

This evening it is
Sweet Home Alabama. The line that just struck me was in the early part of the movie, when (in a dream) young Melanie asks young Jake why he'd want to marry her - and his answer is that so that he could kiss her anytime he wants. Just makes me really want to have someone that wants to kiss me.

I try so hard to let romantic comedies remind me of what I am looking forward to, rather than get me depressed by what I don't have. Sometimes it is harder than others.


That Girl said...

I watched You've Got Mail today, too!

DJG said...

I wonder if the movie had been a few years later if it would have just been "I read your blog"....

Jenni said...

Donna, I think you might be right!! I know that it put me at a disadvantage with the guy that I dated last summer, b/c he had insights into my brain that I didn't have for him. Must be more selective in the future about giving out this blog address!!

jettybetty said...

I haven't seen the *Amy* movie of the day (I don't see that many movies)--but I love Meg Ryan (for some reason I can't explain) and I love "You've Got Mail"--perhaps part of it is a I love NYC so much. Haven't seen "Sweet Alambama"--I need to start making a list of movies to catch up on.

Yeaa--dating someone that has read your blog and you have not read his could put you at a true disadvantage.

Have fun tomorrow night--food sounds yummmmmy!

Amy said...

We must have the same taste in movies. I loved both of those! And JB you do need to see Sweet Home. Love Reese.

The thing about those romantic comedies is that they conveniently leave out all the laundry that still has to be done.

AMankin said...

I adore both those movies!! Makes me want to watch them right now :)
I am daily reminded (pregnancy is like living a science experiment) that life is really all about the journey to not the arrivial of. I agree it's hard to keep the journey persapective.

Murray & Jaime said...

Jenni--How funny. Kelly and I used to email each other quotes from YGM. One of my favorite TOTALLY random ones is from George when he says, "This place is a tomb. I'm going to the nut shop where it's fun."

I know what you mean about longing for "the one". One of my friends and I got weepy after watching Nicholas Sparks', A Walk to Remember. We loved the sweetness of Landon and how he did all those INCREDIBLY romantic things for Jamie. Cheesy yes, but we couldn't resist!!

Well, I wish I could look into God's plan book and let you know the day that your beloved will arrive. It was so hard waiting for mine. Everyone used to tell me, "when you least expect it" it will happen. I always thought that if you were praying for something you should expect for it to happen. I finally gave up waiting and made a deal with God that I would trust his plan for my life. I made sure he knew my heart's desires but said that I would surrender all of those to him and just be happy with what he gave me. Even if it meant that I would be single forever. (that was the hardest prayer I ever prayed....but I honestly got to the place where I could pray it and mean it.) Murray called the very next day.

I pray for you often and can hardly wait to hear your story!! You know it's going to be THE BEST when you wait for God to write it!!

P.S. Sure wish I could join dinner club tomorrow night. The only time I got to go was at your place and you made the BEST meal ever...I still think about those potatoes!!