Sunday, March 26, 2006


While definitely not pregnant, but sometimes barefoot, I spent most of the afternoon and evening in the kitchen preparing for Dinner Club tomorrow night. Taco Salad sounds like one of those things that you just throw together, and while still a simple meal, there are lots of pieces and parts to prepare. Plus, I needed to have it pretty close to just warm up tomorrow night after work.

So, what's remaining for tomorrow? Dice tomatoes, mix up queso, warm beans and fry dessert. Not too much.

Oh yeah, I also made our February/March birthday cake for work that I'll take in tomorrow. The dishwasher is now humming on its second load of the day - it wasn't completely full, but I need to have space for dinner dishes tomorrow night.

I also spent some time this afternoon finishing up some review work that I brought home over the weekend. And spent some time finalizing trip plans with Kelly & Jenny to visit fabulous New York City in May. Still need to book the flight and hotel, but have it narrowed down and am just waiting for the FINAL word from the girls to confirm.

Now, I think I'll sit down for a bit and read before heading to bed. My only Sunday night TV show (Grey's Anatomy) is a repeat tonight. Maybe I'll even go to bed early!


Donna said...

I know it's alot of work, but isn't it fun to entertain? I love having guests in our home.
When are you going to NY? Monty and I are going Apr 30-May 4.

Jenni said...

Oh yes, Donna, I do LOVE to have people over. So, I really don't mind all the prep work.

We aren't going until the end of May after school is out. Y'all have fun!!

Amy said...

Sounds yummy! What time's dinner?

Sarah said...

Recommendation for your taco salad - shredded coconut and chopped pecans. BEFORE you make that gagging sound, give it a try! I swear, it's just adds a little "sweet" to it. Everyone who first hears this thinks it's absolutely gross...until they actually try it!