Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Singing & Retreat

Remember a few weeks ago I posted about a quandry about whether to rejoin the worship ministry and sing on the praise team? I had lunch last week with our worship minister and decided that yes, this is something that I need to be doing right now. I guess I was a bit aprehensive because I don't think my voice is that good. I have never sung in choir or had any confidence in my untrained voice. I can read music (because I played the piano a little growing up and was in orchestra), but if you play a note on the piano, I'd never be able to tell you what note you played. I can hear if something doesn't fit or is "wrong" but I have a hard time sometimes hearing how what is written is "right." But, I get a lot of compliments on my voice and was specifically targeted to rejoin the praise team - and after visiting a rehearsal and realizing how much I do miss singing regularly, I said yes. This Wednesday will be my first regular rehearsal and I'm excited.

On another note, this weekend is our ladies' retreat. I was asked to be one of 10 women from within our congregation that are sharing at the retreat. The theme of the retreat is "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Faith" - basically that we each have a faith story to tell of how others have impacted us, how things in our lives have shaped our faith and how we in turn have impacted others. And I found out today that I will be FIRST on the agenda to speak on Friday night. While this is somewhat comforting in that I will be able to fully enjoy the rest of the weekend without writhing in anticipation, it makes me somewhat nervous to be the first! The talk is written and I've read through it enough that I'm fairly confident I can make it through. But, I'm starting to get nervous now. So, any prayers that you would offer up this week would be greatly appreciated. And I'll post the text of my talk at the end of the weekend.


DJG said...

ahh, but the comfort of not having to follow anybody....think about it you will be the best they have heard!!

I know you will do great, but of course I will pray!

Lana said...

But you always wanted to be first and way ahead of everybody else. I KNOW that you'll do great. Just be yourself and talk like you do with your friends.

That Girl said...

You will knock 'em dead! Is that a good thing?

Have fun!

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

Paige said...

You will do great. I remember when you sang on the team before, and you did beautifully. The retreat sounds like so much fun. The Lord will guide your words.

Chris said...

You go, girl! You'll be great!!I'll pray for you if you pray for me at our retreat - I'm headlining - eep!

Ryan and Lesli said...

I am SO glad that you are back on the worship team! I have heard you sing and know the team is blessed by you rejoining!

I will be in prayer for your talk and can't wait to hear what you have to say!!