Monday, January 16, 2006


Yes, it is very late (after midnight) and yes, I am finally on my way to bed. After working on this yucky project for about 5 hours Friday night, about 5 hours Saturday evening, and about 9 hours today, it is finally complete! Spreadsheet balanced, entries posted, DONE.

Now, this was just 3 of the 7 months worth of data that needs to be analyzed and posted. BUT, this was the recreation of the analysis spreadsheet part of the project, so the other 4 months will go much, much quicker.

Off to bed for a little sleep before another busy week.


That Girl said...

What can I do to help you celebrate? Nevermind, I'll come up with something on my own!

Mae said...

I'm glad you know what you're talking about... it's all Swahili to me. CONGRATS!!!

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

I'm jealous Jenni....I'm trying to help close the SBC-AT&T books for the year. Maybe tomorrow!