Monday, December 12, 2005


I've finally gone wireless -- well at least some of the time. My laptop from work has a wireless card (thanks to a great tech guy who got me lots of cool stuff when he bought it!!). So today, my personal "Geek on Call" (my daddy) went and bought me a wireless router and set up a little wireless network here in my apartment.

I probably could have installed and set it up by myself, but I think it would have caused me major frustration and probably many many phone calls.

So, now, I can sit on my couch and work, email, blog etc while I watch TV! Ain't technology grand?!


DJG said...

I love it! The last motel I stayed in had wireless connection too! Wireless is the way to go!

AMankin said...

Wireless is wonderful. We adore it :) In fact, Ben doesn't have an office at home(we are trying to help him "come home from the office" mentally as well as physically) but we have wireless!! I think there are about 12 networks on our street alone.