Tuesday, December 06, 2005


My family has been trading emails today talking about our upcoming long weekend together. Included in the discussion of our plans have been some of our family shortcut abbreviations.

My new brother in law hasn't quite caught on to all of them, so he sent a message to us all asking what F&M (Freddie & Mary - my aunt & uncle) and M&D (Mom & Daddy) were. We've been playing fun emails back and forth all afternoon teasing him.

I've always used my own shorthand abbreviations - and my stint in public accounting taught me many, many more. Plus, my mom and her mom actually read and write shorthand (the official, old-school business language). I've always wanted to be able to read it - to have my own "secret" language - but also to be able to read mom's notes on who gets what for Christmas!!


elizabeth said...

We sign all of our Christmas presents from:
A little confusing at first!

DJG said...

I love codes, abbreviations and secret languages of any kind! Maybe we could start one.

Our presents were always signed
4-D's (David, Donna, Derek, Diana)

That Girl said...

When I was in college, we all did the Valley Girl thing and used initials - TMFFS (Too Much Fun For Sure) All was well until my mother started doing it, too! That took all the fun out of it!

CoachRatliff said...

I enought trouble with English to start up some new code. I guess I will just have to keep asking questions or talk football code all the time???