Friday, December 30, 2005

Home Again.....

Whew. Home again and ready to get back into my routine!! Here's a recap of the last couple of weeks:

Monday, Dec 19: my annual Open House where my apartment was full with friends.

Mon-Wed: Craziness at work trying to get things wrapped up for most all of the accounting department to be out this week.

Thursday, Dec 22: up before the crack of dawn to be in the car headed to Tennessee by 7:00 am. My parents and I drove in their Odyssey and my sister and bro-in-law drove in their Pilot. We drove, and drove, and drove.......talking back and forth between the vehicles via walkie-talkie and even playing Trivial Pursuit between the cars. Such fun!!

Thursday evening: dinner in Memphis with the old youth minister from
my parent's church in Abilene. Then back to the motel to do Christmas with our immediate family. Pretty good haul for 5 adults!!

Then Friday, we headed to my cousin Teresa's house for the whole family Christmas lunch. Our five, plus: Teresa & Todd, Jason and Kelsey; Randy & Tracy, Noah and Ross; Aunt Geneva; Uncle Freddie; Grandma. Lots of yummy food and gifts exchanged between Teresa's clan and the rest of us. Teresa is a pretty avid photographer, so she is good about making sure we always take pictures. Here's the first photo of our new family with bro-in-law Phillip:

We headed down to Tullahoma for the rest of our visit. Spent the weekend with family, hanging out, eating more, watching movies, etc. After a midnight service on Christmas Eve, we got up early for the traditional Christmas morning breakfast cooked by my cousin Randy -- eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuts and gravy, hashbrowns......all soooo very yummy! He does a great job! Then off to church and back to Aunt Neva's for beef tenderloin, baked potatoes and cheesecake for Christmas lunch.

Heather had to work this week, so she and Phillip got up early on Monday and headed home. I headed down to a very fun yummy Mexican food lunch with
Mae (met her beautiful daughter Hadlee!!), Donna and Terri at Rosie's in Huntsville, AL. It was so much fun!! Thanks girls!

We headed back to Texas on Wednesday. Made it back to my place about noon on Thursday. While we were gone, the apartment fairies had been busy. Putting in new mini blinds, a new fridge, new kitchen floor, new stove, and cleaning the carpet.

So, now, I'm home. Doing laundry. Putting everything back in order. Starting to pack away Christmas. Planning on a quiet New Year's Eve with my good friend Kelly. And looking forward to three more days before going back to work!!


That Girl said...

Wow! How do I get those fairies to come to my house? I'm glad you got home safely!

jettybetty said...

Welcome home!
I figured out you had been in AL--but you've been all over!
(Thumbs up to the apt fairy! Great work!)

Candy said...

what a fun time! I'm so jealous of your dinner with the Hinkles! I miss them so much. Sounds like you're doing great. Happy New Year!