Thursday, December 08, 2005


Well, it has been truly cold and icky this week -- at least the past two days. Yesterday the high was somewhere in the upper 20s I think, with off and on sleet/freezing rain. Made for some fun frozen streets this morning!! Most of the schools closed, but our offices were open. I think by about 10:00 everyone had trickled in that was gonna make it. {of course, we had a few whiny babies that didn't want to come into work, so they said they couldn't make it even though they live closer to the office than me -- my commute is 5 miles or less} Bright sunshine helped melt away some ice patches, but it was still below freezing all day. I think it is going to hit a record low tonight, somewhere around 17 degrees.

I think we've finally put a bow on the Home Tour and have called it done. We had a wrap-up, brain dump session yesterday with lots of thoughts and opinions for things to do {or not do} for next year. Personally, I almost think that it is time to come up with a new fundraiser. I'm not sure this is fun any more. And shouldn't we be able to enjoy ourselves while raising money for a great organization? I've got a big plastic tub of checkout supplies ready to go to Home Tour storage (aka the Exec Dir's garage). Will take it over this weekend, then I'm washing my hands of it all.

I'm starting to get things moving for my open house on Monday the 19th. I'll post a pic of the invite closer to time. Got some of the groceries purchased last night - before dark - so that *if* we had a "snow day" today, I could be productive. Made salsa last night. Made banana bread last Monday. Made peppermint bark tonight.

Now, off to wrap the rest of my parent's Christmas presents. They are coming out this weekend and I don't want them to figure anything out!! Now, if Mom wants to help me wrap Heather & Phillip's, that would be a whole nother story!

p.s. ala Donna the little squiggly brackets will mean sarcasm here in this little spot of cyberspace {bet you didn't know I had it in me, huh?!}


That Girl said...

I was trying to explain to the office manager yesterday that sarcasm is a gift I've been given. Her reply was, "Yeah, but from whom?"

DJG said...

{ahhh! a girl after my own heart!!}

I wish I could come to your open house!!

elizabeth said...

Funny to think that this week, we have hit record highs (89 on Saturday) and record lows (15 last night). Only in Texas!

(I just wished it stayed 15 and icy for longer than 2 days!)

SG said...
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SG said...

I have not been warm since Saturday when it was 84! I love the colder weather but this year I have been so cold I think I am part bear...just want to go hibernate.
Maybe it is just time for you to take a break from the home tour. After a few years anything can become more work than wonder. I feell like I do better only doing the same exact job for two or three years. I will not do my same PTA job with a baby...way too many child free hours at school are required. So I am enjoying the rest of this year more thinking "Someone else will do this next year!"
Today I kept trying to pull up your blog and there were no the actual post would not load but the template would. It has happened before. Has anyone else ever told you that?

12/09/2005 10:36 PM

Jenni said...

I don't think I've heard of that page loading problem, SG. But, there are times when part of the words are obscured on other people's pages and it is like all the font codings didn't load right - I can run my mouse over the page and like magic there it all is. It is bizarre.

Mae said...

I forgot when you said you were coming into town. Hope you get warmed up... isn't Texas supposed to be hot???

I had the page loading problem too, but obviously it cleared up.

Happy Monday!