Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Well, some norther did blow in today while I was up on the 28th floor working like a banshee. It was a balmy 65 or so this morning when I headed out and at about 5:00 when I left the office the temp had dropped to about 55 and the wind is blowing hard from the north. Brrrr!

I am so ready for it to feel like winter though. Terri has talked about the summer monster and winter monster fighting it out. I think the winter monster may have finally won here in North Texas.


My eyes are doing great today, in case you are wondering. I actually started getting antsy yesterday just sitting on the couch and watching TV. Even though today was a busy, busy day, it went so much faster because I was being productive! My vision is sharpening up each day and it is wonderful! Just two more nights of sleeping with crazy plastic shields over my eyes. And just a few more days until I can start wearing eye makeup again!!


That Girl said...

I can hear a littl rumbling and there has been a lot of wind where my parents live... I think the Summer Monster may just take a dive. He's been around for a LONG time this year!

Lana said...

The wind was about 1000 mph yesterday from the north and this morning it's a toasty 28 outside. Doesn't that make you want to be back in Abilene?

elizabeth said...

The wind was incredible here too. I can't imagine being in a high rise building, though!

Glad your eyes are doing better!

DJG said...

Yeah, yeah, love the wind...

I went to the eye dr before I left yesterday. My left eye is 20/30 and getting just a touch of astigmatism back. He says they can enhance it (first time on this eye) for FREE!!! Well, I haven't cared earlier because my 40 something eyes will require "readers" if I am 20/20 in both eyes....but FREE tipped the scales. I will probably have it done the end of December.

I can't take too much of that laying around either.... I get extremely antsy!!