Wednesday, November 30, 2005


So, today is Wednesday. Hump day. The downhill slide to the weekend. Except that this week, the upcoming weekend is going to be far more work than relaxation. Yes, you remembered correctly - the first weekend of December is the New Friends New Life Home Tour. Like last year, I'm responsible for the checkout process at the Holiday Shoppe. Ensuring that our visitors have a smooth and easy checkout process, and that we can evaluate effectively where they spent their money.....yep. That's my job. Hopefully will be a little smoother this year than last. Saturday we'll spend the day getting the Holiday Shoppe set up, then Sunday is the big day. The Home Tour brings in a big chunk of change towards the annual operating budget and the determination of how many women we can help in their venture to straighten out their lives.


On this Wednesday, I am also wondering several things:

*will I ever figure out what I am "supposed" to do/be?

*will my Prince Charming ever cross paths with me? and is it time to help that along by joining the digital age of dating?

*do I really want to stay in my apartment -- or is it time to "put on my big girl panties" and deal with home ownership?

*are we supposed to "figure it out"? whatever "it" is......

*how can I reconcile the talents that I have related to working and the deep-seated desire that I have to chunk that work out the window and be "just" a mom? am I going to have that choice to make?

*why do I have such a hard time waking up in the mornings? even when I know that I am getting sufficient sleep?

Ok, I'm going to stop there. I have many, many more questions swirling around in my brain, but I think that is enough for today. I don't want to freak anyone out or cause any of my readers undue worry. :-)


jettybetty said...

Someone recently was telling me about the *New Friends* ministry--I am so impressed with it! Your weekend may be busy, but I pray God will bless your efforts for such an incredible cause.

I think we all have gobs of questions running around our minds all the time--at least I do--I rarely have lots of answers--but I know God does--and I am pretty sure I can trust Him to reveal the answers day by day as I try to follow along after Him.

Karen said...

Wow, I had never heard of the New Friends ministry before. It sounds so cool.

Praying you will find answers (or at least hints) to your questions.

DJG said...

Well today is December 1, so you can talk about Christmas now... {like you needed my permission}

Don't spend a lot of time on those what am I suppose to be/do/whatever. I have been married over 25 years, have raised two children who have left home and married,{didn't forget grandkids, just figured you all have heard enough about that!} I have had 4 different careers and 4 homes, and I still don't know the answer to all of those questions....just enjoy the journey and keep sight of your final destination.

That Girl said...

It's nice to have a plan but, always remember that God may have something else in mind.

I heard something yesterday..."Is being a missionary more important than other jobs?" Placing media buys doesn't seem very important, but I think God must need us where ever he has us. We've just got to figure out how to make what we're doing work for him.

Are you really willing to meet those guys in the digital dating world?

Lana said...

You always did have a lot of questions! They were just much easier when you were a little girl: "why is the sky blue?" "where does the wind come from and go to?" "why is it so loud when God moves His furniture?" and many, many more. God's the One with all the answers and for some reason we just have to wait to find them out.

Erica said...

I will be praying for you to find peace with all of your questions. I have to do this for me daily too. It seems when you get answers to some only more questions follow. I suppose it is just our nature and I am sure God has a good laugh occassionally at us thinking we are in control at times. Your answers will come in HIS time. I have a hard time with HIS timing too but it always works out for the best.

AMankin said...

I too have many many questions. Thanks for keeping it real. I sometimes wonder if heaven means truly being content with God and not needing any more questions. --but alas, it's just another question :) loveyou--

abileneblues said...

The hardest thing to do is to concentrate on the journey as opposed to the destination. I wish I knew the right balance between having goals and having life cause then I'd charge you a mint for the answers.