Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nap Couch

So, this post started coming into my brain as I was waking up from my Sunday afternoon nap....who knows what generated it.

After the two mandatory years of living on campus at college, my friends and I all moved off and got apartments or houses off campus. My junior year, I lived with Sarah and Sara in a duplex affectionately known as "the dupe" (named such by Sarah's brother Jason and his friend Darren). Katie, Dara, Mollie and two other gals lived in a house known as "the Abbey." Senior year, Sara moved over to "the Abbey" and Lacey moved into "the dupe."

The girls at the Abbey had three couches. Now, as most furniture of college students is, these couches were hand-me-downs. From whom, I have no idea - grandparents, older cousins, parents, goodwill, etc. One of the couches was known as the "nap couch" - presumably because it was quite conducive to a good nap.

As I woke from my Sunday afternoon nap on my couch today (after a series of strange dreams in that nap time), I realized that I have a great nap couch.


DJG said...

I have yet to meet a couch that wasn't good for napping....

AMankin said...

A couch isn't worthy of sitting on (maybe looking at) unless it's a good nap couch! That's my story and I'm sticking to it :)Sunday afternoon naps ROCK!

MattandSara said...

AAHHH! Sunday afternoon naps in college. How I long for those days. Naps are a luxury I don't have anymore but look forward to in the retirement years. Thanks for visiting my blog and making me feel a little loved (sniff, sniff):) Have a great day.

Sarah B said...

Love re-visiting the days of the "dupe" and the "abbey". Fond memories - glad you had a nice nap :)
I'm escaping my life here by joining in your blog-reading addiction. We'll see how long it lasts. It's been good therapy today!
Sarah B