Friday, November 04, 2005

I got tagged

I have been tagged by Donna.

The rules:

1. Delve into your blog archive.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions. Ponder it for meaning, subtext or hidden agendas.
5. Tag five people to do the same.

From September 14, 2004: I've come to the realization recently that one reason that I have been out-of-sorts, floundering, perhaps even a bit depressed is that I am not desperately seeking God.

Ok, well the thing that bothers me about that sentence and that entire post is that I could write almost exactly the same thing today!! You'd think in the space of about 14 months, I would have moved on from those thoughts and feelings. Yet, I still need that reminder to always, always, ALWAYS seek God in all that I do. To give over control to Him. To trust Him to guide my path and to trust that He does have a mangificent plan for my life!

Thanks, Donna, for the reminder nudge.


DJG said...

OOOHH! You had a good one. I think we could probably all relate to that more than we care to admit.

Thanks for playing!

jettybetty said...

WOW, you had something really good!

That's one of those things we need to put on our mirrors and remember every morning--cause if we don't we forget it too easy--and then wonder why things are out of sorts!

k2 said...

i've been following these trails of where other people are being tagged by the guy i tagged and so on, and like donna and betty both mentioned, yours by far is the best. it hits home to me, as well. thanks for sharing!

now who did you tag?

Jenni said...

Most of the people I would have tagged have already been if someone wants to just steal the idea, that's fine with me. :-)

I said...

i did this in sept :) found yr blog from another blog ... have a great week end!