Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Eye Doctor update

So, I am back now from my visit to the eye surgery center. It was a frustrating visit, but in the end, I'm all set for my augmentation procedure next Friday.

See, here's the thing - my regular eye doctor was pregnant when I was getting ready to have my LASIK in January. So, she did all my pre-op testing and then referred me to the surgery center, where they performed the surgery and have done all my post-op care. So, when I was in for my six month visit and decided with the surgery doc that my vision could be augmented to get closer to perfect, he told me that I would come back to do the pre-op testing at the surgery center.

That is not normally the case -- normally, I would go back to my regular eye doc and she would refer me back to the surgery center. But since I have unique circumstances that meant I hadn't seen my regular eye doc since before the original procedure, there was some confusion today as to why I was there for my pre-op testing and not at my regular doctor's office.

I was frustrated because I've had to explain this odd situation several times - they never seem to remember it or make any kind of notes on my chart. Which almost caused me to have to figure out how to schedule an appt with my regular eye doc and then another with the surgery center BEFORE I could do the augmentation procedure, which probably would have meant that the appointment I have for next Friday would have had to have been rescheduled.

Thankfully, they were able to call my regular eye doc and get her permission to just go ahead and do the dilation and testing today and I don't have to go see her before the surgery. At least I assume that they spoke with her -- it is what they said they were going to do. In any event, the surgery center doc did the dilation and testing and I'm all set for my surgery next Friday.

Whew. Now I'm off to lay down for a bit -- I have a headache from straining to see since my eyes have been dilated!


Paige said...

Sounds frustrating. I am glad they were able to schedule you anyway. Get some rest!

jettybetty said...

I will pray this procedure improves your vision even more!