Friday, November 04, 2005

Dallas Stars

I had the opportunity to use my company's tickets to attend tonight's Dallas Stars hockey game vs. the Chicago Blackhawks. It was such a great score:

Stars 9
Blackhawks 1

I became a hockey/Stars fan in the 1998-99 season during the Stanley Cup playoffs. (That was the year the Stars won, in case you don't keep up with hockey.) Ever since then, I've enjoyed learning about the sport, attending some games, and even watching a few on TV. I've been blessed to go to each game on someone else's tickets, which I must say is the way to go! Why pay for a ticket when you can go for free?!

Now, I'm not a crazy, lunatic fan, and I don't keep up completely with all twists and turns in the season. But I would definitely root for the Stars anytime! Although I can't say that I really missed it last season when the NHL was on hiatus due to player strikes.....which many people would say makes me not a true fan.

Now, off to bed....and to sleep late in the morning!!

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That Girl said...

I just have never seen hockey. I might like it. I don't even know if it's a game or a match or what? We used to have a hockey team in Huntsville - maybe they're still there. I might watch them sometime to see if I like it.