Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Back to the Eye Doctor

You may remember, back in January when I talked about having LASIK. I had a successful surgery, but since my vision was SO VERY BAD to begin with, they didn't get me corrected all the way to 20/20.

While I definitely could live with 20/25 (which is where I am now), I figured that if I paid all this money and they can do a little enhancement procedure, then why not?

So, today I go in for the pre-operative testing, confirming that my eyes are still good candidates for surgery, dialation, etc. Then, next Friday, November 11 (my sister's 27th birthday, by the way), I will go under the knife (okay it's actually a laser) one more time.

Your prayers for a smooth and successful procedure would be greatly appreciated!!

1 comment:

DJG said...

I am going back on the 15th. I do not think I will have another enhancement, but maybe get some specs for night driving....

Hope it goes well. The enhancement wasn't so bad for me because I knew what to expect.