Thursday, October 13, 2005


Donated platelets again today....that makes 12 donations this year. Gotta make 14 to get an invite to the Donor Appreciation Banquet (used to just be 12, but I guess they are trying to encourage more frequent donations!!).

Found out while I was there that the girl that has been running the donor center at Baylor has been granted a transfer and promotion to the new donor center at 635-Preston in North Dallas. So, now all the folks that were at Baylor when I started have all moved on/up to other centers across the metroplex. Which means that I'll have to break in some new phlebotomists! I might go visit Mia at her new place which does have slightly better/more flexible hours, but it isn't quite as convenient.

I'm off to Abilene for homecoming this's ACU's centennial this year, so there's lots of hoopla. Then I think I'll finally be at home for a few weekends in a row!

p.s. Elizabeth, my list is coming, I've just got to think of answers to all those questions!!


jettybetty said...

I am proud of you for donating platelets so often--I probably should get over my fear of needles.

Have a great time in Abilene!!!

Little Light said...

Have fun in Abilene. What's the process of donating platelets?

Jenni said...

LL -- to donate platelets, they stick a needle in both arms, the blood comes out one side, through a machine which spins the platelets out of the blood, then the rest of the blood components come back into the other arm.

Your platelet count and whether you are giving a single/double/triple unit, determines how long it takes. Usually, my appt is at 4:30 and I am done about 6:30 (on the machine for about 90-100 minutes).

At my donor center we watch movies while donating (or I'll bring TV shows from home that I've taped and catch up).

Did I answer all your questions?

Little Light said...

Yes, thanks. I wanted to know how much more complicated it is than donating blood.