Friday, October 07, 2005


So, flight was completely full, but uneventful to Nashville. Ran into a couple from church, David & Valerie, that were on my flight. An unexpected surprise!

Landed, got my bags, got my car, made it to the hotel. Nice room - king size bed (beats the twin that I normally sleep in)! Worked a little bit to justify carrying the laptop with me (at least more justification than the fact that I hate feeling disconnected from the world).

Off to Zoe.

Checked in.....ran into one of my elders from my church, Larry & Janet. Met Matt & Lela. Sat with Mae Anne, Beaner, Dwight. Saw Fajita and family - looking forward to meeting him tomorrow morning. Was lead in an amazing time of worship by BST and all of Zoe. Mike's lesson was great and was emphasized with some amazing drama by Donna Hester. Caught up for a minute with Ryan. Met Clarissa & Rob. Chatted for a moment with BST.

Saw soooo many people from my home church (Highland), my Dallas church (Preston Road), and several folks from my ACU days.

So looking forward to meeting Donna and Terri and so many more of you at breakfast in the morning (at 7:30, YIKES!!)!! So, off to bed with me.


DJG said...

We saw Mae afterwards she said she had sat with you. We went upstairs to the worship service. Looking forward to tomorrow!!

Fajita said...

Jenni, it was so nice to meet you.