Monday, October 31, 2005

Fever Pitch

I rented this movie this past weekend. It looked cute when it came out, but as is my typical custom, I didn't make it to the theater to see it.

Quick synopsis: work-a-holic Lindsey meets cute schoolteacher Ben in the fall. He's a Red Sox fan (literally from the origins of that abbreviation: a fanatic). Has great season tickets, goes to all the games, watches all the games, tapes all the games he doesn't go to or watch live on TV, etc, etc. They jump over the hurdles of learning how to compromise and make room in their lives for a relationship - "THE" relationship. And happy ending. (Sorry if you haven't seen it, but really, did you think it would end any other way?)

Couple things I liked about this movie:

1. Drew Barrymore. I don't always love her movies, but most of the time I do.
2. It gave me hope -- both Lindsey and Ben are successful career folks (i.e. not 22 years old) -- and still not married.

But, in a conversation where Lindsey's girlfriends have just met Ben for the first time and are analyzing whether he is acceptable, good enough, etc, a quote has stuck with me. Forgive the paraphrase if I don't get it completely right.

"Why is he 30 and still single? What is wrong with him?"

The movie did remind that I am not as old and decrepit as I sometimes feel -- but it also got me asking (again), "what is wrong with me?" Why haven't I met my prince charming yet? Why am I still waiting for unfulfilled dreams?

I know it isn't all about me and what I want and think I need. I know that God has a plan and His plans are far superior to mine. But at the same time, I often wonder "am I not good enough (smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough, etc, etc, etc)?"


jettybetty said...

I agree with you, God's plans for you are perfect--and from where I sit it has absolutely nothing to do with any of that stuff you listed--you are a brilliant, beautiful, young woman!!!

That Girl said...

I go through this all the time! Why, Why, Why? what's wrong with me?
God is so in charge. I am trying so hard to trust him.
You are all that stuff and a bag of chips. God's just getting you ready!

DJG said...

What they said....

and thanks for the update, I bought this DVD but haven't watched it yet (Yes I tend to collect DVD's like books) I will take time to see it soon.

and again, You are so where you need to be at this point in your life, Wasn't it great to go to Amsterdam without having to get permission from some man? Just enjoy it!!

Little Light said...

I agree with everything that's been said. Don't go down the road of asking yourself what's wrong with you. It can only lead to nothing good. And marrying young doesn't mean that you've got it all together either.

Erica said...

God knows the planhe has for you and since you are one of his children you know it is a great plan! Thank goodness we are not in control of our lives because I would hate to see where I would be right now. Enjoy being able to take trips and have quiet time because it is a precious thing at our house. You are a very special person and I know great things are in store for you!

abileneblues said...


One way to think of it is that God gives us what we really need. In my earlier years, I needed a strong woman to help me become a man and that's what I got. I was blessed with daughters instead of the sons that I wanted, but they helped to soften my heart and see the world in an entirely different way. While it may have been cool to have a son being an uber athlete out on the football field, I have long since quit regretting and am learning to count the blessings I have received and to wait for the joy of discovering a blessing I have not yet recognized.

I'm not perfect at it and there are some areas of my life where I'm struggling to take that same approach, so please take this as encouragement.