Monday, October 10, 2005

10:00 PM what time I finally got back home yesterday from Zoe. I knew that I wanted to go to church at Otter Creek when I was making my plane reservations, and I wanted to leave my time flexible enough to go have lunch with people, if the opportunity arose. So, I was booked on the 4:10 flight yesterday afternoon.

After meeting Donna and Terri for the (very early!) 8:30 service at OC, I went back to my hotel to finish packing and kill time. In retrospect, I should have found a movie theater or something to waste some of my time. But, being in an unfamiliar city, I didn't really want to risk wandering around and getting lost.....which I did anyway.

So, about noon I checked out of the hotel and headed for the airport. Needed to fill my rental car with gas, but wanted to do so closer to the airport. Should have gotten gas by the hotel. The exit to the airport off I-40 takes you straight in -- no access road, no gas stations, etc. So, I just took the next exit, found gas, and got back on I-40 going west. Well, you can't exit to the airport from that side! When I realized that I had truly gone past the airport, I exited, thinking that I would just cross over and go back. I didn't count on construction detours! So, after driving around an industrial neighborhood for a little while, I finally found a major street that was on my map (thank you Google maps!) and got back on I-40 going east. Whew!

So, now it is about 1:00 and I am hanging out in the airport. No problem - I have a book and some work, so I can definitely keep myself occupied. It just gets old, sitting in the airport by yourself!

As they are getting ready to board us for the flight to home, they ask for a volunteer to wait for the 6:10 flight. Well, a $200 travel voucher was worth it to me, so I volunteered. Then they tell me that I'll also get a bump up to first class! That was very nice. So, two more hours in the airport. While I was waiting, I talked with my friend Heather and it turned out that her mom and uncle were going to be landing a little before me and actually needed a ride home. So, I told her that if they didn't mind waiting on my flight to get in, I would be happy to take them home, since I would already be at the airport.

Got on the 6:10 flight. Landed around 8:15 - but my bag had come on the 4:10 flight and was over at baggage claim in Terminal A (I landed in Terminal C). Hopped on a bus and headed over. Got my bag, no problem. Whew! It is always a little nerve-wracking to think about your luggage not making it home.

Got to the car about 9:00, dropped Briggs & Cindy off at their home about 9:30, and finally made it to my casa about 10:00. Whew.


Karen said...

A bump to first class?? I'm jealous. Glad you made it home safely.

That Girl said...

I'm glad you made it home. I've only been in first class twice!

DJG said...

While your day was filled with stressful waiting mine was go,go,go!

We left Otter Creek, stopped only for a Diet Mt Dew and some Combos, had Terri home by 11:45, traveled 20 more minutes to my house changed clothes grabbed my tennis stuff, went another 20 minutes to my mothers, ate too much, traveled 15 minutes with my son to play tennis for 2 hours. Took him home (10 minutes), tried to wait and see the end of the Braves game, decided they were playing ALL day traveled to Wal Mart for gas and dog food and 10 minutes back home!! Finally around 6:30 I started unpacking! Whew!

But still I rested with sweet memories of a wonderful weekend. Meeting you was like picking up with a long lost was a great pleasure.

jettybetty said...

Now that you drove out by the airport you might understand why I was so directionlly challenged. You can't just zip off one way and back the other.

When we were at the airport early yesterday, I wondered if you would get to pick up on that great deal. Hope you enjoyed first--what a treat!

I so enjoyed getting to spend time with you--you are indeed a special young lady!


Little Light said...

Last year, my friend and I had a flat tire (which we're still suspicious of because we had a run-in on the road with some Zoe attendees). Anyway, the rental car company wouldn't pick us up and we had a flight to catch. We had to rely on the kindness of a stranger who happened to pass by and changed our tire for us. Leave it to two non-driving NYC women to get into a situation like that.