Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Seven Questions

It's my turn to play the "7 Answers to 7 Questions" game....thanks the Stephanie for the tag.....

7 Things to Do Before I Die
-Own (and frequently ride) a Harley
-Get married
-Have children
-Travel extensively in Europe
-Visit all 50 states
-Live in the mountains again

7 Things I Can Do
-Plan a Dinner Party
-Follow directions to build something
-Balance my checkbook
-Anything you ask me to do!

7 Things I Cannot Do
-say no (although I am getting better at this!)
-completely give up Diet Coke
-roll my R's
-deal with pets -- just not for me, folks. sorry!
-exercise -- I really need to, but I just don't enjoy it!
-deal with whiny people
-get up when my alarm goes off -- gotta snooze at least once (generally more!!)

7 Things That Attract Me to Someone of the Opposite Sex
-dry wit / humor
-adores children
-doesn't try to always fix everything
-old-fashioned gentlemanly manners
-loves me for me - not an idealized version
-plus, I'm a sucker for an accent (british, australian, scottish, etc)

7 Celebrity Crushes
Orlando Bloom
Heath Ledger
Brad Pitt
Michael Vartan
Steve Burton
Matthew McConaughey
Dermot Mulroney

7 Things I Say the Most
I don't hear what I say.....anyone out there who actually knows me want to comment here?

7 Bloggers I Am Tagging
None specifically....most of you have already been tagged. If not - feel free to play! Just leave a comment that you've answered the questions on your blog.


Little Light said...

I did it. Borrowed a few from your list.

jettybetty said...

I am a lot like you--except--I don't want to ride a Harley or skydive. I love these things because I get to know everyone better that does it--I haven't done this one--who knows perhaps I will! I am with LL--I would have to use some things off your list for mine!

Jenni said...

We all obviously see things we like in each other -- that is why we read our blogs!! Feel free to borrow from my list....I did from other people too!! :-)