Friday, September 09, 2005

Question for you all.....

So, today I got my home telephone bill. Still wondering why I have a landline -- I have cable internet and a great cell phone plan. But I can't seem to let go of the landline - in case of a storm or something that knocks out cell service, I guess. I use my cell phone quite extensively - almost exclusively actually.

On my home telephone, I have had a single line + Caller ID. Considering I get like 5 calls per month that are not sales calls, I decided to cancel that Caller ID service and just use my answering machine to screen out the sales calls (plus, save a little money). In reviewing my bill this time to ensure that they had taken off the Caller ID service, I realized a rather upsetting fact: the TAXES and SURCHARGES are more than the cost of the service!

There are Texas fees, taxes and fund reimbursements; Federal fees and taxes; and two "access surcharges." The largest surcharge is a Network Access Surcharge that is $6.50!

My question is this: is it because I have my local phone service through MCI, rather than Southwestern Bell? (Don't ask me why I have MCI - I can't even remember.) Am I wrong to think that it is unreasonable and completely ludicrous that the taxes are more than the service fee?

I'd really be interested to see if you all also have this fee on your telephone bill (especially you Texas folks). So, please weigh in, if you'd like, on who your provider is and if you have this ridiculous charge on your bill.


Jim said...

Some carriers charge you for the privilege of using their long distance whether you use it or not. And then, if you designate no long distance carrier, SBC charges you for not having a carrier. Call MCI and ask them the hard questions - like explain to me why this is so! Ask what you can do to eliminate that fee. Threaten to switch carriers if they don't and then start getting bids. Ours is with SBC. I let them be the long distance carrier so there wouldn't be an extra fee. That's the question to ask - If I designate you as my LD carrier, will there be any fees whether or not I use the service?

jettybetty said...

I am going to check it out--I don't have a bill right now--but will look on the next one I get--I am with you--I almost never use the land line--don't have long distance on it--so this might spur me on to cancelling it all together. I will let you know.

Sarah said...

I'll just weigh in on this one part...I stopped using a landline a couple years ago and went to cellphone only. I have unlimited nights/weekends plus 900 anytime minutes and a nationwide plan (so I talk a lot). I had cable internet so I didn't need a landline for that either. It saved me probably $50/mo in unnecessary charges. It was definitely the way to go for me.

Now I think I have to get a landline again if I decide to hook up my security system on my house. Sometimes you just can't get away from it.