Monday, September 05, 2005

Holiday Weekend

I was pleasantly surprised this weekend -- the airports weren't completely crazy crowded! The mad crush of people was the only thing from my weekend that I wasn't looking forward to. But Friday afternoon I had no problem getting to the airport and through security. Thanks to Southwest for online check-in, I just reprinted my boarding pass, checked my bag, and zipped through security.

We were a little late taking off, but nothing too major. When I landed in Houston, my friend Wendy was there to pick me up. We had some traffic to get through from Hobby to her house out in Sugar Land, but we were talking so much the time just slipped away.

Dinner at Outback -- yum, steak! I slept in on Saturday - Wendy had an 8:30 tennis match - then we went over to Wendy & Weldon's new house! They just closed and are getting ready to start a remodel project to get everything up to their preference before moving. Wendy gave me the grand tour and showed me all the things that will be changed in the remodel. I will admit - that girl has great taste. I can't wait to see it all done.

Several of their friends came over to hang out Saturday night and we watched the A&M/Clemson game and played this fun movie game (not Scene It, but similar). It was great fun, but we stayed up way too late.

Yesterday was a great day to relax and chill. Wendy's parents came through town and we went to lunch with them and her sister/bro-in-law/nieces. It was chaotic with twin 20-month little girls, but much fun.

Went to see the The Brothers Grimm last night. It wasn't really what I was expecting, but was a very interesting movie. Quite different, definitely fantasy. But good.

Then, caught another good-ol' Southwest flight back today. Whew. A truly great holiday weekend -- food, fun, friends -- and plenty of sleep! Alas, back to the grind tomorrow.....

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Karen said...

Yeah, we saw Brothers Grimm as well. To say I enjoyed it would be overstating it, but I didn't dislike it, either. I wish I'd been at a $1 theatre instead of a full-price one!! I think I'd like to see it again once it's out on DVD so I can watch it with the subtitles to catch all the dialogue I missed in the theater. I know there was a lot!