Monday, September 26, 2005

Catching Up

So, I spent this past weekend at another Scrapbooking Retreat. Still don't scrapbook, but it was a great time of retreat, fellowship, way too much junk food, not enough sleep, laughter, tears, stories and prayers.

We hemmed and hawed and fretted over whether we should go or not, what with Rita bearing down on Texas and not being sure where she'd land and when and how crazy it would be. BUT, after lots of looking at the forecasts and many, many "reply-to-all" emails, we finally decided it was a go.

So, half day of work on Friday. Then I met my carpool buddies, Kelly and Heather, at Heather's house. She has a new Tahoe and volunteered to drive. So, we loaded up and headed out about noon. Quick lunch in Hillsboro, then we arrived at Summer's Mill about 3:00.

We unloaded, set up, and got to work. Heather's hobby isn't scrapbooking either, but jewelry making. And she makes some great stuff! Pretty much all my jewelry is somthing that she has made. I worked on mounting some new Stampin' Up! stamp sets, made a couple of cards, cleaned out magazines (I'm hopelessly behind.....) and finalizing my invitations for my annual Christmas open house. I know, it's way early for Christmas. BUT, I decided I wanted to do something a little different this year for the invites and this was my one shot with lots of time to get it all done. So, done it is!

We hopped back in the car about 1:00 yesterday to come home. Thankfully, the traffic was not bad at all - going northbound, that is. The southbound side of I-35 was pretty full, though, probably with folks headed back to the Houston area.

So, here we are now.....another Monday!


AMankin said...

sounds like a great weekend-I've never been to a scrapbooking retreat and I do scrapbook. Sometimes it feels like my guilty pleasure. I would love to see your invatations-they sound really neat. Happy Monday :)

jettybetty said...

Are you making your open house invitations with Stampin'Up supplies? Actually, I think you are very smart to get started on Christmas stuff now--it always just sneaks up on us.
Sounds like you had a fun weekend--again!


Jenni said...

JB - I printed most of the details of the invitation, but where in the past I had printed a clipart snowman, this year I decided to stamp that. I borrowed a stamp from my sister (not Stampin' Up) and then colored it with Stampin' Up Watercolor pencils. Lots of work, but worth it. They look great (if I do say so myself)! :-)

Little Light said...

A crafts retreat is a really great idea!

SG said...

Our ladies retreat is at Summer's Mill every year. Love that place! You passed right by the exit to my house...twice! Glad you had a fun weekend. I have never thought of going to a scrapbook retreat not to scrapbook! :)
P.S. I tagged you!

Paige said...

I love to have crafty weekends, I just can't seem to find the time. My scrapbook is kind of behind!

Murray & Jaime said...

Hey Jenni!
I wish we could be there for your Christmas open house. I keenly remember how good everything tasted the year or 2 that I was privileged enough to come cool and what a great tradition.
Missed seeing you at the shower, but I'm so glad you guys went ahead & had fun. Darla was really wanting to be with you all!
Take care,