Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sink full of dishes.....

So, I'm hosting Dinner Club again this week. I've had several people ask me why I'm cooking again so soon. The truth is, I love to plan and prepare a meal and be able to open my home. Plus, Allyson (the Dinner Club President) had an opening. So, I volunteered.

The menu this time around is:

Cracker Crumb Chicken
Disgustingly Rich Potatoes (aka Disgusting Potatoes)
Green Bean Casserole
Rolls (yes, from scratch)
Pineapple Upside Down Cake

So, yesterday I spent starting to get the food ready. I baked the potatoes and mixed up that casserole. I made the roll dough and started it chilling. I started thawing the chicken.

Today, I mixed up the green bean casserole, made the cakes (two round, rather than one 9x13), and crumbed the chicken. Hence, the sink full of dishes.....the dishwasher is running and I decided it would be better to go ahead and do the rest by hand, and then the dw will be empty and ready for all our dishes tomorrow!

So, the only thing left for tomorrow is to make the rolls and get it all cooked. One question - I have metal stacking cooling racks -- wonder if I could use them in the oven to give me another layer of cooking space? Anyone know - or have a thought? If not, I'm gonna have to get creative on how to get it all done and hot at the same time!


DJG said...

I can excitedly say I am clueless about such an endeavor!!!!

Heather said...

I don't know why you couldn't use the cooling racks as additional space. Just make sure they're stable and won't fall over.

Little Light said...

Sounds yummy.

AMankin said...

Sounds like you will be eating well! I have no clue about the extra racks-sorry.

elizabeth said...

I am with you about enjoying to plan a meal. I don't know why it is so exciting, but it is. I hope it went well!

That Girl said...

How 'bout that potato recipe?

Jana said...

I wanna come to Dinner Club!!! Yum!!!